Just want to talk (is 140 STORJ even from L2 to L2 costs now 8-9$?)


im a bit autistic.

Sometimes i feel lost for a moment.
It is this kind of moment now.

i have some STORj on 4 zksync L2 adresses.
i wanted to send STORJ from 3 wallets via L2 zksync to 1 wallet, also L2 zksync.
But metamask shows me the cost high same like L1 for that.
I don’t understand.

is 140 STORJ from even from L2 to L2 is now 8-9$?
How to transfer STORj from L2 to L2 zksync please…

i saw tutorial on their website, the images are outdated, and its not about metamask,
i dont know so many things and tutorials just dont help…

I would like to remind you that our Node Operator Terms of Service specify that you must use the same payout address for all your nodes. If you followed this requirement, you would not be facing this high fee problem now. So I wonder why do you have STORJ on 4 different zkSync L2 addresses?

I would urge you to change your node configurations to specify the same zkSync payout address for all your nodes, so that in the future you would not have any need to spend tokens on compacting STORJ tokens into a single zkSync address.

Other community members may have some input on their experience with L2 → L2 transfer fees. You might also be interested in reading recommendations in this thread.


because i was testing zksync when it first come,
i set it only on those nodes to see if it will went throu.

I just set it back then and dint look into it.
Now i want to sort it out,

i though if i gets STORj to L2, i can send from that L2 to my other L2 cheap, but i guess it dont work like that eh.

ok i will read that carefully, thx

This still does not explain why you ignored the ToS which clearly states that all nodes should use the same payout address. Btw the same address that works on L1 can also be used on L2 zkSync.

When you use Metamask directly to send tokens, it works only with L1.
To send tokens via L2 you need to use https://lite.zksync.io/ to connect your wallet and send tokens using this portal. On Metamask you would only sign transactions (maybe even on your Ledger), the actual send will be done by the zkSync wallet.