Killed Databases

Hey guys,

Unfortunately i destroyed the Databases of one node, deleted Thema and deleted the storage-dir-verification file.

Then i recreated the storage-dir-verification in a new folder and copied it to the old Directory.
The Node starts but the used space is Showm as empty- but the Node was Full.

Is this because of the missing/recreated databases and will the filewalker recover this?
Or have i destroyed the whole Node?


Thank you very much :slight_smile:

From what I understand, if you have an intact identity and data, the node is safe, it just needs to reconstruct the statistics, perhaps…


It’ll take some time, but not all hope is lost. You node does not know it’s total size right now. It should do that, at soon as filewalker finished. If you were right up against the maximum size of the node, you might be in danger as you’ll have ingress when the node size is not known. 2-4 weeks, and you should be all good again.



this was a biggest mistake. Now you have only one option: delete config.yaml and perform a Setup step (be aware to specify the CORRECT paths to the identity and storage or you could DESTROY your node).

Yep :frowning:

I have created a new folder for a new Node, copied the Identity and ran the Setup-command.
The new Storage-dir-verification i copied to the old Location, changed the paths and the Node starts again -only with the all free Space.

Have i Done it Right?


You should have run the node with -e SETUP=true. Then the storage-dir-verification file and a new config.yaml are getting created. The databases are only created when the node is running again after the setup. Then you should activite the piece-scan on startup and the lazy-filewalker as well.

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Did you remove data too? In that case you need to start over: remove this identity and its remained data, generate a new identity, sign it with a new authorization token and perform the setup step with that new identity and empty data location.
If you removed only databases and that mark file, then you may execute the setup step once to re-create the mark file and config.yaml, databases will be re-created only if you do not have any of them.