Kraken adding STORJ token!

As per title, just had an email to say Kraken are adding support for STORJ token from 15th July! Fantastic news!


Did they release what pairs?

Hopefully price will rise a little

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Trading Pairs

There will be four trading pairs for each asset for trading in USD, EUR, Bitcoin (XBT), and Ether (ETH):

Full article is here:

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Might still be my best option long term but frustrated so far with non-clearly disclosed fees and limits without digging. I deposited less then the trading minimum and so am basically stuck till the next STORJ payment cycle.
Of note at time of writing:
50 STORJ trading minimum.
1 STORJ Deposit Fee (Each Deposit)
1 STORJ Address Setup Fee (One Time?)
Only seems to support expensive wire transfers for US fiat, so double exchange followed by a crypto withdraw (USDC for ease of porting out to Coinbase for me).
Withdraw fee:
0.5 USDC / 6 STORJ / 0.005 ETH

With the contract fees out of control for on chain solutions like Uniswap a conventional exchange seems like my best bet currently.