Kraken will use unified deposit instead of smart contract deposit

For who is using Kraken, they made an announcement about switching the deposit method for Ethereum wallets, from smart contract to unified, changing the wallets addresses too.
Does anyone knows if the Storj deposit address is impacted?
I can see Unified deposit method for ETH, but not for Storj, even though uses the same wallet as ETH.


What is changing for me?

Changes within the Kraken Web and Mobile Applications:

To ensure a smooth transition, from February 13th, you will see both current and new deposit methods when navigating to make a deposit.

New deposit methods can be identified by the Method Name “Unified” while the old Smart Contract based methods will have the Method Name “Smart Contract”. We highly recommend that you transition to using the Unified setup as the Smart Contract methods will expire on March 10th, 2024.


Changes to deposit minimums

To stay consistent with network requirements deposit minimums for all EVM assets will continue to be updated. Deposits made to Unified deposit methods below the deposit minimums are not stackable and will be considered lost.

Additionally native assets already using the Unified deposit methods such as Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Ethereum PoW (ETHW), Avalanche (AVAX), Matic (MATIC), Energy Web Token (EWT), Songbird (SGB), and Flare (FLR) will no longer be stackable beginning February 13th. For a full list of deposit minimums please see our deposit minimum support article.

Yes, I saw that, but is still confusing. The Storj is not listed here, but uses the same address as ETH, which will be deactivated from 10 march. So, is Storj token affected or not?

" You will need to update your Ethereum address deposits only. If your Storj token deposit address have been generated via Ethereum scamr contract you will need to updated for future deposits. Any other crypto deposits remain as usual. Your funds are not in risk at all as this is a simple upgrade for the Ethereum addresses."
…from Kraken.
So Storj too.


So they try to seel it like it’s in your beneffit, better experience, bla bla, but all I see are only negatives… bigger fees, higher minimum deposit, you can loose founds…

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I’m too old and too stupid for all this malarkey.
This is why I hate crypto. Waaay too complicated, too many pitfalls, too many chances for mistakes…