Kubernetes backup via Velero

Hi Community,

I am looking to write out some docs for Tardigrade users to backup their Kubernetes Cluster to Tardigrade. The goal is for SysAdmins and DevOps to be able to schedule their kubes backups to the decentralized cloud, and restore them to anywhere in the world, instantly, on demand.

The value-adds for rapid Disaster Recovery can be boiled down to the differentiated security, availability and price that Tardigrade offers.

Today, this use case can be accomplished via Velero, which lets you:

  • Take backups of your cluster and restore in case of loss.
  • Migrate cluster resources to other clusters.
  • Replicate your production cluster to development and testing clusters.

Ultimately, I’d like to see a native Tardigrade Plugin for Velero as an object store. The instructions for creating a plugin are located here: GitHub - vmware-tanzu/velero-plugin-example: Example project for plugins for Velero, a Kubernetes disaster recovery utility

Until then, you can easily backup using Restic or the S3 Gateway. Restic is the better option as it avoids the bandwidth translation costs associated with hosting a gateway.

Can any kubes users test out the Resitc backup feature for Velero here: velero/restic.md at df239b92b6f963ad574233775c50e3aba885f513 · vmware-tanzu/velero · GitHub using the Restic guide from the Tardigrade documentation: https://documentation.tardigrade.io/how-tos/backup-with-restic.

Would love any feedback around how this works, the UX, and the general usefulness for Kubes users.



Hi all,

Here’s an update, this has been launched. The plugin has been merged upsteam to Velero (Velero Plugins).

The docs are located here: https://documentation.tardigrade.io/how-tos/kubernetes-backup-via-velero

We’d love anyone to test the integration!

Stay tuned for a blog post centered around these value props: