L2 payments for Storj

Hi there, I know this has been discussed in the past but it would be really nice for node operators if we could pay for Storj using L2 transactions. I am using Storj to back up important files from my server and my total data amounts to 200-250GB, which I theoretically could pay from my earnings as a node operator. However the fees on L1 are as expensive as several months of storage. Is this a planned feature? If so, is there a timeline? I am thinking about moving my data over from Backblaze.

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No timeline has been quoted in the forum as yet. However comments were made by a Storjling in relation to the development being actively discussed - I just can’t find the post!

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Yes as you can see from the post quoted by Stob, this is on our radar, however, we do not have a timeline for when it will be implemented yet. It will be sometime after we have migrated to the new native token payments system we are working on now.


In case anyone wanted to track the progress. Please check


And here: Storj Public Roadmap · GitHub


Next quarter, that is much sooner than I expected and it’s great news! Perfect for me, my Backup is just slightly larger than 150GB and I will need to deposit just one or two Storj so I can keep backing up

I would not expect the first version implemented to include L2 STORJ deposits, so you should probably consider making bigger and less frequent deposits to fund your account as the gas fees would still be considerable even if our method eliminates the extra service fee that CoinPayments charges.