L2 STORJ payment via ENERGI (NRG) blockchain

Do a collaboration with Energi Blockchain team to send L2 STORJ payments via energi blockchain.
Energi blockchain is Ethereum-Compatible Smart Contracts and has a swapping system with hundreds of tokens and bridge to eth network.
The advantage of this network is to be able to swap between token at a very low cost.

It is definitely not true that no blockchain solve the issue with gas fee. Tezos Idid it alsowith high volumeof transactions It was proved.

Check it on

We have no plans to migrate to other blockchain.

Yes I know that Storj do not change the blockchain. I just want to say that Tezos already proofed with real Transactions that Tezos definitely solved the Problem with gas fee what Ethereum have.

If it would have the same amount of users, I’m sure it end the same.