L2 to L1 Payouts Fees

I don’t know if this was answered but I cannot find the answer anywhere. As I am deciding if to switch to L2 Payouts, I want to make sure I am doing the right decision. My question is when I am transferring the token from L2 to L1 what kind of fees are associated there. Like the normal gas fees on eth network or something else.


Yes, normal gas fees on the ETH network for L2 to L1.

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So that means that it is just worth for me to wait for the min threshold to pass.

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It was discussed quite a lot in the following thread - L2 Payouts with Zksync

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How exactly do you switch? I read the official posts and I cloud Just be stupid but i didn’t find out what i need to do yet…?

This is what you should need:

I can add that now you can pay fee in STORJ tokens: