L2 wallet or exchange wallet?

What is best to get BNB.
Send the STORJ to the zsynk or to the binance wallet?
I know it is not advisable to send it to an exchange but it is easier to pass it to bnb and I do not have to pay commissions

It’s a trade off. If you use a binance address for payouts you don’t control the keys. If they delist STORJ or change your deposit address you might lose access to your payouts.

I would personally recommend you use a wallet for which you control the keys and wait for a good moment to transfer your tokens to an exchange. zkSync will also allow you to pay the fees in STORJ.

But in the end it is up to you.

I will be happy when an exchange place will accepts storj on L2. I personally think this will be appreciated by SNO and Storj a like, as most people would pot for L2 payout as fees would be lower and allow the users to exchange the currency more rapidly.
Untill that moment I remain with L1 Payouts

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The transaction fees for a withdrawal vs L1 transactions are practically the same. With the biggest difference that you can pay for withdrawals in Storj. The difference is between 51496 gas for an L1 transaction vs 52700 gas for a zkSync withdrawal. So there isn’t that much reason to stick with L1 payouts. Though the L1 transaction will be cheaper if it goes to an address that already holds Storj. In my experience though, those tokens are moved out of the receiving exchange addresses, so by the time you want to make a new transaction you’re paying the high amount anyway.

By the way, if use a Binance wallet (named Trust) it’s not an exchange deposit. It’s not compatible with zkSync directly, but it’s compatible with WalletConnect, so you can use it with zkSync and be able to sign a transaction.

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