Lag delay in browsing files on WEB or using Cyberduck?

After I enter my decryption key I can see in my dashboard there is storage being used but where is it being store??

I’ve noticed that my account is receiving files. However, despite following the guide to set up and browse my account with CyberDuck, I cannot find any files either in Cyberduck or the web browser.

Where are the files being stored if I have full access via CyberDuck but still can’t locate them?

I visited my bucket and noticed a delay when creating a test folder or deleting files, leading me to speculate that it might take an hour or two for the data to appear.



It looks like I may have been able to answer my own question. I think there is lag, maybe 45 minutes or so?

  • uploaded 10 GB of files at [2024-04-07 12:58]
  • just now see the files / folders in CyberDuck at [2024-04-07 13:41]

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Are you saying you upload data with Cyberduck, then refresh the view and those freshly uploaded files are missing, and only return back in 45 minutes?

If this is the case you shall talk to support as this is definitley not a normal behavior.

Hello @arrogantrabbit, I was curious if others encounted lag as well. I wasn’t sure if this might be the norm for the platform, which is fine. However, I had anticipated a more conventional file browsing experience, where I upload a file and immediately see it in the web interface.

I uploaded/sent files to the S3 Storj Slab bucket and didn’t see them available for download instantly in the admin area. However, after waiting patiently, everything is now perfectly fine and ready for download.

You’re such a smartass… :joy:


This is a bit different from what you have described in the original post though:

I would expect the api access to a bucket to work close to instantly, (minus the small overhead, see eventual consistency, if you connect to a different instance of a satellite), but what web ui is doing who knows. It’s not intended to be primary way of accessing the bucket, and does isn’t even designed to show all data in the first place.

I.e… if uploaded data via api is not available via api very soon - it’s a problem. If it is not available in the web ui - I would ignore it.


@arrogantrabbit is right. If you use an API access through S3 or a native Storj - you will get instantly what is you uploaded, but with a web UI (aka Storj Console), there could be a difference up to 48 hours (because it must collect data from nodes and it expires after 48 hours).
So… If you want to have an instant updates - use the API, not a web UI.