Large drop in September payout


in August my payout was 275 Storj and in September dropped to 59 Storj.
I monitor my nodes daily and all my nodes are online and without errors. Storage states did not change much.

Why would there be such a large drop in the payout?


Without having more information about your nodes activity, it is difficult to explain.

Anyway, you have to understand that Storj payout is not really predictable.
Your earnings depend on customers and the amount of data they want to send to Tardigrade Network and also the amount they wish to get back (egress bandwidth is the most rewarding operation from SNO perspective).

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  • storj value fluctuations

You are right, it is also a very important point to consider!

Your earnings are in $. So if the STORJ value rises, you will get less STORJ tokens, for the same amount of earnings in $.

The drop could also rely in that you got held back paid out last month, making your payment much higher than usual.


The drop I mention is in the number Storj tokens not some other currency

you get paid a certain amount in $ which is instantly converted to storj and then sent to your wallet. So it is normal that the same amount of payment would always result in a different amount of storj tokens as the exchange value of storj tokens changes constantly.

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How many files you see in <storagedir>/orders/unsent?

So, my first node was created in January of this year.

So I do not expect to receive tokens from the “held back” tokens as yet. Second, the drop is expressed in the number of Storj tokens, not some other currency. So, the only explanation I can come up with would be that the traffic was somehow much less in September. I try to see what I can find out about that.

The payment amount is always in USD. That USD amount is then converted to STORJ using that moment’s STORJ/USD price. So if STORJ value rises you get less STORJ for the same USD payout.

Oh, sorry, I did not realize that. I now remember that this was also the case in v2 days.

Thanks for setting me straight.


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