Large system / what to use system for help

Hi all

Been running Storj since April as a hobby and out of interest with a 1.2TB hard drive.

Looking a a post recently with pictures of everyone’s setup and with systems of huge storage amounts got be pondering.

How long will it take to fill a 10TB system and what are the benefits of having these huge systems and what payouts are you getting?

I’m interested in possibly building a bigger system. I appreciate Storj isn’t a way to make a quick buck, but for a hobby enthusiast or what is other people using their systems for?

Any info would be great


I have 6 nodes running on Pi4s because of cheap power consumption, my servers dont actually run storagenodes.
I have one 10TB node that is around 10months old now and only has 2TB of space used and has its own IP, 10TB will take a while to fill up so I wouldn’t go to big but if your solely doing it for fun and you have the space then go for it. Don’t go buying a bunch of hardware for it. Keep in mind that the more nodes on the network the longer it will take to fill the space. If you joined storj when the network was much smaller you would have had a chance to fill a 10TB much faster.

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Hi, thanks for the reply.
With your 6 nodes, are they all using the same internet connection? If they are, how are you seperating the IP address’s?

There all on the same internet connection but I have more then one public IPs which I assign it to a different node. Not all have there own IPs only 3 of them do. Im running 3 different networks so they are on there own subnet and there own networks.

if your external IP are from /24 network like 195.126.15.x then there is not benefit to use it, only if yo have thay 195.126.y.x differ y shold be diferent, then they will be like separate nodes.

Are you trying to tell me something ive already explained 100times? I can assure you there not on the same subnets.

Still an interesting piece of info for less experienced SNOs :wink:

@JJ28: But yeah, as @jammerdan already suggested, have a look at the following thread:

It should clarify most of your questions.