Last Contact: 1 hour ago, no traffic

My node has been up for 60 hours but last contact was 1 hour ago. I restarted my router, my laptop and allocated extra 10GB but I dont think its fixed. Now it says 5 mins uptime, 5 mins last contact, it seems like there’s an issue with my node.

Traffic went from 2GB a day ago to around 9MB right now, even though it says “online”, is it really working or is there an issue I’m not noticing?
By the way, I’m not using Docker for Windows.

Please check the log through Onenote as it’s not letting me post here (new users can’t upload more than 2 links or something):!AkGAbzvnLml0iSFieXgqiyJz7t2B?e=RRGNjY

Your node seems to be working fine and responding to audits. Check your dashboard for the same.

Can you tell me about the following

  • How much space did you assign to your node?

  • How much is actual physical space available on your drive ?

My laptop has 883GB in total, currently it has 184GB space remaining. I’ve assigned 600GB for storj

Make sure you have kept 10% for overhead.

Excuse my terrible maths, 10 percent of 883GB is 88.3GB, that’s how much space I should keep free on my laptop, right?

You should not over-allocate space that is why you need to keep an overhead. Lets assume your Windows and other programs have occupied 183GB space - now you have 700GB free. Out of this your node has 600GB assigned so the remaining 100GB is your overhead.

If your laptop has just 1 drive ( C ) for everything then you need to consider space for other things too. Crash dump files (BSOD), Windows updates, software updates.