Latest version display on dashboard


This is probably a feature request or “idea”, but I had problems lately with versions, and as it is discussed in the please update thread I really don’t want to use an automated way to update versions. (Watchtower is generally an antipattern alongside with using ‘latest’ images.)

All I want is a green/yellow/red textcolor to the version number on the dashboard (latest, ok but have new version/old version).

As I watched the source this should not be a big deal, we alreay query the version json to parse out the minimum version, we just need to add it to the data json. (I’m not a go programmer, but this should be a relatively easy PR both at server and client side.)

Side notes;

  • The FAQ docs page referse to a tag page which is a dead or a private page.
  • the docker images should be tagged with versions too (like v1.28.2)
  • the ‘latest’ docker image was tagged 2 days ago but the github release was 8 days ago, this seems off and strange
  • also why new users can’t put more than 2 links to the posts? it would be much easier if I could link more sources

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