Less than 100% online due to unexpected power cut - short + long term impact?

(First off - yes, I know uninterruptible power supplies exist.)

A power cut happened unexpectedly about four days ago and power to my RPi that runs my Storj node was off for about 4 hours. Since then, my “online” stat for us1.storj.io is at 92.86% and us2.storj.io is at 92.31%. The other four are all still at 100%.

Of course I understand that since my node was offline for a time, my online stat will be less than 100%. But it’s raised some questions I can’t find answers to:

  1. 92.31% of what? 92.31% online = 7.69% offline; 4 hours is 7.69% of 52 hours. Why 52 hours? My node has otherwise been running constantly since early April. Four hours as a percentage of 730*2 = 1460 hours is less than 0.3%

  2. The two percentages (92.86% and 92.31%) haven’t changed since they first dropped from 100%. But as time passes, surely the amount of time I was offline for, as a percentage of whatever timescale represents 100%, would reduce?

  3. On that subject - what timescale do the Retention and Audit stats represent? Today? This week? This month? Forever? (And whatever the answer to this - how does that explain (2) above?)

  4. And, as per the title of the post, what are the likely short and long term impacts of this? I’m not expecting to make enormous returns from Storj but I’ve got 6TB available which I’m happy to commit for the long term; but if this will curtail the usage of my node long term, I would need to question whether the long term commitment is worth it.

I wouldn’t spend to much time on the math, I wasted hours in the beginning trying to work it out, and came to the conclusion that it’s more an indicator than reality :slight_smile: Because it’s using % it makes you think it’s accurate, but it’s not there is a good 10%+ margin of error…

It uses a 30 day rolling window to work out the percentage. This is skewed by the number of audits you receive, which is skewed by the amount of shards your node hold as a percentage of all the satellites

30 days

nothing, the online stats will slowly increase back to 100% - you will need to be online with no outage for 30 days for this, else you will probably end up at 99.98%

really don’t worry, if the figure is continuing to drop and you end up in the 70-80% bracket you have an issue, 60-70 there is something wrong, and sub 60% your node will be suspended, but currently (May21) not disqualified.


The worst thing about it all is that it makes your control panel look untidy, having numbers below 100%
That seriously messes with my OCD. :wink:

Otherwise absolutely inconsequential provided you remain online :wink:


Great answers! Thank you both!

I didn’t spend that much time offline

And why are the other satellites 100%?

I’ll try to summarize:

  1. Each satellite audits your node independently of each other in slightly different time. Each of satellite has 12 hours time window for checks.
  2. If your node doesn’t answer on audit, it’s considered as offline
  3. The total online score calculated for the 30 days
  4. If your node has not a lot of audits for the last 30 days, every offline event will hit hard your online score.
  5. The online score should recover in the next 30 days online.

You can check your audits history: I would love a way to see when downtime events are recorded - #2 by BrightSilence