Less traffic then before?


Is there less traffic now, than it have been before? Is this beacuse there is more nodes or is there something with my nodes?

I’ve lost a node for some months ago, could that be an issue?

The reason for asking, is that I use to see 30 - 50Mbit both in and out of my nodes, now I see about 5 - 15Mbit.

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traffic is unpredictable and subject to ebbs and flows. This has been discussed at length in this thread

although at times, and more recently the conversations have gotten a little off topic.

You can also do a search on this forum for this exact question, which tends to come up just about every time the traffic decreases as SNOs get worried or concerned about the change. But ultimately, as long as your node(s) are seeing any traffic and you keep an eye on your audit and suspension scores in the dashboard to make sure they’re not decreasing, then your node is doing just fine and there’s no need to worry.


you can compare ingress with other people, it’s calculated by taking the total number of nodes on a subnet / global ip address.

i got 25 GB ingress on the 1st of Nov split across my 3 nodes, you should also have close to that.

Last 12 days (5 nodes) 7.1 TB usage

i assume you are using multiple subnets then…

still seems high tho… i think i got 500gb ingress last month tho did have 2tb egress

thats Prometheus you are using right?
difficult to compare to 12 days when people don’t use the same setup… the dashboard counts per month…

also the graph you share doesn’t show the same avg… it says a bit over 10tb usage for 5 nodes over 1 month.

ofc it looks nicer when one takes the numbers from when there was a peak in egress, which has it’s own color whatever that means…

if you want to compare… just give us the total ingress + repair ingress for the 1st of nov on 1 subnet.
preferably using the dashboard numbers for more comparable accuracy tho it shouldn’t really matter.

I have a different experience.
storj grow normally till 2TB, then stop. I have 2 nodes with 2TB storage and they are full.
they have 3.93GB ingress and 13.36GB egress. 30/70


it says 1 TB in and 1 TB out traffic for 12 days. that’s is very close to the fact (see dotted line)

1 color - one node

note that ingress and egress are the summary of the last month, not the 12 days.

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hmmm my numbers do seem a bit lower than what i would have expected… but i do have a couple of nodes vetting on my subnet… maybe that affects it…

well 2tb isn’t a lot but 13gb egress on 2tb is pretty good actually and ingress… well if they are full then it’s only whats deleted that will go in… so ingress becomes kinda irrelevant when the node is full.

if i multiply your 12 day total by 2.5 i get 30 days worth and thats 2.5tb ingress but thats still kinda high… granted my ingress is like 1/3 lower than it should be which would put my 500gb at 750 and so i’m still at peak performance nearly 4x offset

so i guess you use a different subnet for each node… else the numbers doesn’t make sense… or the avg is … because i’m comparing it with the last month on the dashboard and extrapolating for your last 12 days, so that could create a fairly big offset… but still 300% + seems unlikely… so yeah you must be using multiple subnets also.

kinda important to know when trying to compare numbers, also since the OP is using a single subnet…

Yes. Nodes have different ISP and countries.

Example. Nodes with the same IP.

last 3 was added after first has 2 TB usage.

I don’t think IP is that important.

Bildschirmfoto 2020-11-03 um 09.49.54

What software makes this chart?

Grafana makes those charts

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