Let customer stream the promotion video

On https://tardigrade.io/ there is the link to the explainer video.
I believe it is great for interesting parties to see the distribution, but it would be great also, if they would be able to stream the Video directly from Tardigrade instead of downloading it.

So I suggest to add https://link.tardigradeshare.io/s/jvgmjntaucpfedohxn3ogdrsfcfa/homepage/TardigradeExplainerVideo.m4v?view as an additional link so a potential customer can see for himself that even streaming is possible, which I believe is more impressive than just download.


good suggestion! I’ve shard this thread internally, and its on the roadmap - will be added to the next sprint

I can see now that on https://tardigrade.io/ the “How it works button” is pointing to linkshare which is great.
However it is pointing to the download distribution map, I’d rather point it to the ?view link so the customer can stream the video without having to download it first.
To view the worldwide distribution I would add an additional link for those who are interested.

Also one word of caution using the node map: Customers should not get the impression that their files are to be shared in such a fashion by default. I have already suggested that it might be a good idea to have an option to only generate the map without download or share links: Linkshare Object Map is live!


Now we see that the option to stream the video has been embedded into the distribution map.

But I think we are not done yet:

  1. On https://tardigrade.io/ under ‘How it works’ the Youtube video is still directly embedded.
  2. There are still several pages, even the linkshare page itself pointing to Tardigrade | Decentralized Cloud Object Storage where again there is the Youtube embedded version.

As it is not consistent and show doubts on your own service to stream first from Tardigrade and then rely on Youtube, I think best option would to embed the video streaming from Tardigrade instead for all Youtube embeddings.