Libuplink: Missing API credentials

With the latest commit (93788e5) of libuplink I get the message “rpc error: code = Unauthenticated desc = rpc error: code = Unauthenticated desc = Missing API credentials” when trying to call project_salted_key_from_passphrase with my Project and my secret. The same coding works with a previous commit (like d65386f).

Seems something changed internally Which leads to issues when using libuplink.

Hi TopperDEL!

This is an issue with backwards vs forwards compatibility and our release process between clients and servers.

Our master branch has a new protocol change in it that moved how API credentials are provided. The change was constructed so that Uplinks going forward speak the new protocol, and Satellites going forward are backwards compatible with the new and old protocol.

Unfortunately, the Satellites that are running are release v0.21.2 and do not have this change, which means our current production Satellites (until the next release), do not understand the new protocol, which is what Uplinks use on master.

The solution is simple - just make sure to use a tagged release for your library. Don’t use master, use the v0.21.2 tag.

Does that help?


It does help indeed, Thank you JT!

Will Change to a tagged release.

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I suspect as our protocol continues to have kinks ironed out this type of decision and situation will become more and more rare. Thanks for your patience with it!