Limit monthyl traffic for Storj


is there a way to limit the monthly traffic for storj per container? Im using Docker (compose). The recent ingress exceeds my free traffic on my vps, after that 7$ per TB have to be paid. This isn’t the problem in general, because if this is data which is stored several months and beeing paid, it would still make profit in the long run. The problems are the latest benchmarking tests, which my nodes can handle pretty well, but with around 1TB ingress per day, I would have to pay over 100- 200$ for traffic. In this case “unpaid” benchmarking data, if this where real data, or beeing paid as regular data, this wouldn’t be an issue. So in my case I would like to limit the monthly traffic for each node to around 1.5 TB, since I don’t want to pay for traffic which is planned to be trash after several days (or how long the TTL is).

Thanks in Advance.


It might be possible trough some changes in the config.yaml. But like with the newer storagenode-versions these changes also have to be adjusted.

I would then just switch the node off as the last option. That payment-amount for the traffic is way too high.

No. The bandwidth must be unlimited, otherwise you will break Supplier Terms & Conditions.
For future readers - if you have a limit of your bandwidth usage, perhaps it’s better to do not participate in the project.


No, it’s not possible via storagenode config and this is intended.

Wait. They transfer TBs of data and do Not Pay for the „Testdata“?
I dont think so, they Pay for Testdata Like Customer-Data.
Only the usage-pattern are different.

“They” pay for all data, include “test” one, if it’s remained on your node.

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well thats fun (not)

You may want to check this topic:

and see every position with word: “concurrent”
maybe some minimal settings will do the work, idk.

No. That doc specifies: “ Operate with at least 2 TB of Bandwidth available per month”. Which is certainly higher than if OP is trying to remain below 1.5TB… but bandwidth does not need to be unlimited.

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How long is the testdata being saved and paid then? I read the announcement again, I don’t know, maybe I misread/misunderstood that the testdata is unpaid sorry for that.

It is paid like with other satellites. But you will make a net loss on the traffic. Would switch off. Probably look for another VPN/VPS provider, but this should also be kinda difficult.

2TB would be fine too to stay in the specs, so I’ll have to pay a little bit, but not hundreds.

It sounds like the SLC capacity-reservation test data will be paid for. But the performance test data won’t be registered with the satellites to be paid/persisted… so will be unpaid but your node will eventually trash it.

Since nodes don’t throw out 100% of trash every time… then yeah some performance data could hang around a couple weeks before being tossed.

The reqs show 2TB as the minimum: with 16TB being recommended (and unlimited preferred). Since we know a lot of data is coming… you could still have quite the bill :wink:

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Forever, accordingly plans

It will be rotated, but the load will remain, slowly replaced by the actual load.

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You have problems with traffic, aka egress and ingress. That’s what you pay for.
Storj pays you for stored data, which is not a problem for you, and verry little for egress, which is a problem. So don’t take into account the stored data. The traffic is the problem. There can even be a huge traffic, and only 1GB of data stored. You get almost nothing, but costs you huge.
Storagenodes are not suited for limited traffic, and paying for extra traffic dosen’t justify in the earnings.

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