Limited Bandwith 3/30

One of my connections is limited to 3/30. How many tb can I storage without having problems?

3Mbit upload is very low.

360KB/s so 4-5 TB

this is my near yearly graph of avg bandwidth usage for a 2 Year old node, currently at 6.5TB

100k is 100KB/s

as you can see its egress will barely stay within your 360KB/s (3Mbit) limit.
and you will want some headroom, because without upload on your internet, then the download stalls since each download will need upload bandwidth for overhead.

basically if you max out your upload your download drops to near zero.
so you don’t want to hit that… usually 25-50% on bandwidth usage is recommended as max usage, before you will start to see decreases in performance…

increasing latency, and possible regressions of up or downloads depending on the specifics of it all.

maybe just thinking 1 TB pr Upload Mbit is an easy thing to remember and would be the better suggestion.
but might work fine with a bit more… but you will certainly know when you hit the wall.
so i said 4-5 which the numbers from my own node seems to support.

i’ve got 11tb stored on 32/6 if thats any help

then you would most likely see high latency on your internet connection and reduced download speeds at times of high activity.

so if your websites load slow or your games lag now you know why :smiley:

how many years to fill up?

the first node which is 9tb (full), has been running since near the start of V3, how ever long that is. Node 2 7tb (2.2tb of data) 13 month old. Its size does increase but very very slowly. There are no fibre to the premises where I live and I’m currently on the fastest connection I can get. I can only get 3G on phone as well so really stuck with speeds. Ironically I live maybe 200M away from an industrial estate that has multiple fibre suppliers.