is blocked due to trojan

My website that is using storj to host the user uploaded images are getting blocked by MWB, This is the page in question, I think it was triggered by the user avatar image that is hosted on StorJ. How do I fix it? it’s just a plain image nothing else.

Anyone can help me? Thanks!

Hi Cat,

We’re looking into it, sorry about the trouble, we should have an update for you soon.

If you are a pro user, you can setup a custom domain, and that will solve the issue…

Unfortunately with the regular domain, it is often flagged by different blacklists due to scammers and such posting things on the network. We take these things down as they are reported, and let black list providers know it has been addressed, but it’s a bit of a race between new stuff coming on, and us having it removed.


Thank you,
It’s sad that people are abusing free services, and :smiling_face_with_tear:ruining others.
I’ve reported this false positive issue on the anti-malware vendor as well.