Linking gateway mt to storj sim

In the satellite config.yaml there is a section for gateway credential url I believe this may be how but don’t know where to get that url I have tried the url gateway mt runs on but that still makes no difference

Maybe one of you guys know (sorry for tag but I want people who can maybe help to see my post)

@Alexey @tessa @littleskunk
TIA(thanks in advance) guys

You can’t expect Storj Labs to pay for the large amounts of bandwidth the gateway would use if anyone running an unsanctioned satellite could just use their gateway mt. If you want a gateway mt, you’re going to have to build and run it yourself. Which I’m pretty sure was mentioned more than once in the other thread you started.


Oh by build do you all mean from scratch
Because I built gateway mt and thought somehow I could make it use a domain I own

And btw I didn’t expect storj labs to pay anything