Links are invisible in the default theme

Here is the link
Here is no link.

You can notice that there is a link only if you have to hover mouse above it. But if you use a touch device - you will never guess.


I confirm it, it was a reason why I move to the “dark side”.
I changed schema to “Dark”


On the dark schema, it looks like much better

I think we can edit white schema and reuse links color from the dark schema.

Yeah, this has been quite annoying recently (it didn’t used to be this way). Maybe it’s more visible on other monitors, but on mine there is almost no difference. Which is especially annoying when people use inline links as part of an ongoing sentence.

Edit: Btw, you don’t have to move to dark, the theme just named “light” will also have more visible links. But I actually like the default theme, so I hope this will be fixed.

I had the same thinking, I try to open a forum on my laptop with IPS, and unfortunately links color was the same. I think this “color bug” came to us with one of the forum update. Also I thinking the fix will be so easy, just edit default schema and change link color like on “dark” schema.