Linux Mint - SNO

Anyone running SNO on Linux Mint?
I´m setting up the 5th one, and I´d like to try with Mint.
Is it compatible?

No reason why it wouldn’t be, though it’s not the distro I would recommend if the system is for storj only. All the gui stuff adds a lot of unnecessary overhead especially on weaker hardware I would go with debian or ubuntu server instead. But mint should work just fine as well.


Yes, it´s just for Storj, Got myself a very cheap HP Microserver :slight_smile:You recommend Ubuntu Server.
Is it free? With GUI as Ubuntu 18.06 LTS?

Ubuntu server by default doesn’t have a GUI, which is actually why I recommended it. You don’t need a GUI for storj and it just adds unnecessary overhead.

You could go with Ubuntu desktop as well, that comes with a GUI. I’m sure your system can probably handle the bit of wasted resources on that though. So it’s up to you. Always go with the LTS releases to avoid issues.

I don’t have much experience with Mint myself, so I don’t know how stable it is compared to debian or ubuntu lts releases. Maybe someone else could chime in on that.

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Thanks. That´s what I´m going for then. I already have one running without any issues whatsoever, so that´s the chosen one :wink:

Are all 5 nodes sitting on the same Internet connection? If so, you will probably do better to just run one node instead. Each node will probably compete with your other nodes for traffic, and the overall bandwidth used will include unnecessary and unpaid overhead.

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Absolutely not :wink:
In 5 different cities in 2 countries :wink: