Linux -Stop node using storajenode binary in qnap is not working

We download the binary files for the linux for the QNAP from Release v1.22.2 · storj/storj · GitHub and then we try different commands like

./storagenode setup ./storagenode run so we were able to up the node but when we try to shut/stop the node using ./storagenode exit-satellite it gives below error .

Even if we have give proper identity key and certificate path in the setup command. Its loads identity key and ceritcate at the time of run command but not when we want to stop the node.
Can anyone have some more suggestion please.

If you are trying to stop the node, this is the wrong command. I do not have experience with the linux binary directly, but it is probably something like storagenode stop

You should be able to rund storagenode help to get a list of commands. storagenode exit-satellite is used to quit the network or individual satellite.

Thanks for your reply but when I run the help command there is no command for the stop and only available command is exit-status and exit-satellite only. Main thing is that command is running is just taking wrong path for the identity certificate and identity key path.

You should be able to stop the storagenode via systemctl

systemctl stop storagenode

Restart and start should also be valid options.

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Not sure that QNAP will have systemd and so likely won’t have systemctl. @paragpadsumbiya, you’ll likely need to send a SIGINT manually via something like:

killall -s SIGINT storagenode