Load test happening now?

I am seeing a huge amount of upload right now, and alot of upload canceled.

Wondering if everyone is seeing that as well.

Same, seem the Satellite have problem or other factors?

Same here, the weird thing is that all of them report as "Size": 0 in the log

edit: does it means that my node was able to write 0 bytes before the upload was cancelled? :hot_face:

And none of them finish successfully. It looks like all are canceled…

Yes. Doesn’t seem right.

It’s crazy :smiley:

Screenshot 2023-03-03 205833

Nothing special, all normal. Egress could be better.
But yes there is some with 0 transfered.
May be some new version bag?

Data is transferring by customers, not satellites. Unlikely it’s a bug in our software, but could be a bug in the customer’s software.