Local Node Dashboard suggestions

I have a few suggestions for the official Node Dashboard:

  1. “Running the minimal allowed version: 1.24” - Is it true? Shouldn’t keep up with the latest releases, let’s say 3 versions back or something?

  2. The order of the satellites should be changed like this: first row - data sats; second row - test sats; alphabeticaly ordered. This way it’s easy to spot the problems with the important sats.
    row I: ap1 | eu1 | us1
    row II: europe-north-1 | saltlake | us2

  3. The bottom field on 1st page should change from Total Earned and Held Amount to:
    Gross Total | Net Total | Held Total | Payed Total
    to correspond with the data on the second page. “Total Earned” is confusing… You don’t know if it’s Gross Total or Net Total.

  4. The mobile version needs impruvements; for ex. when I scroll on my phone, too often it reads like a click on the graphs and a popup appears; it can’t be removed with any clicks or scrolls, just with page refresh. I don’t need that popup, just easy scroll on the page to see if there are problems with the scores and general data.

Yes. This is a minimal version when the node will even start. It will not have any ingress, because it’s far away from the current release, but it is still can be used for egress and egress repair traffic.

Sounds like the minimum version label needs an asterisk next to it to explain this. Is there any additional warning listed for nodes above the minimum but too old to receive ingress?

I use watchtower to remain on the most recent version but new operators might need an extra help message.

The updater is integrated to our base image, so it will be on recent version. If your node could be on version lower than minimum allowed, it will not start at all with clear fatal error in the logs.
In case of old version behind 3 releases you will notice a flat line in the bandwidth ingress usage, it’s pretty clear and visible too.
I think I saw the “too old version” warning once before we implemented an updater, but I do not know will it have such a warning now, except fatal error when version is really too old.