Log file is giant - 20GB

My log file for old node has got to a pretty silly size. Should there not be some limit to stop it using all space on your drive and crashing?


Turn on file system compression on this file and don’t think much about it for years. Having logs is useful.

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Activating NTFS native compression for this particular log file (I guess that’s what you meant) would definitely save some space on such files indeed.
I suspect @TechAUmNu’s log file would go down to using around 8GiB of space instead of 20GiB. Still quite big.

Agreed :wink:
Although… It might not be useful to keep them for years.
Personally, I keep 4 months of logs, then I discard them.

I use logrotate for doing so on Linux. Surely there must be an alternative for doing the same on Windows?

ROTFL LOL!!! Only some third-parties.

Logrotate is also available for windows.