Log says out of space but dashboard shows space available

See attached screen shot. My node was having this issue before the latest software update also. I have not heard other people mention this problem so I’m not sure if this is a storj software bug or if it’s just my node that is corrupted.

For many months I have been reporting a strange, incorrect calculation of disk space (recently Zaokrąglanie dostępnego miejsca na dysku), but this is not a priority, usually no answer on the part of Stroj …

Referring to my own node:

There seems to some difference in the posted available space in the logs versus the dashboard. The difference seems to be nearly equal to the contents of the trash folder.

The trash folder on my node currently has about 19 GB of files to be discarded. The difference between the log posted available space and the dashboard available space is about 22 GB.


Log reported space seems to be accurate.
While, the Dashboard space is not accounting for the contents of Trash.

However, your node is indicating about 680 KB of available versus 3.5 GB of space in the Dashboard. My guess is that your trash folder has about 3 GB or so of files to be deleted.

In short, your node is full… but doesn’t seem to be disqualified. So, you could keep your node online and wait for the stored data to be deleted by the testers and customers… or add more storage space.

There is an opened issue here: https://github.com/storj/storj/issues/3783

Please like it and join the discussion, this bug is really annoying…

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If you or anybody else would be willing to test it:
Requirements: your nodes trash folder must already have trash in it.
Set your storage limit so that your dashboard says that you have a small amount of space available but less than the size of the contents of your trash folder. Start node and check log file to see if uploads are failing with an “out of space” error, example below;

 upload failed   {"Piece ID": "FFJFP2CGEIA6OKWLXWRXJMKFDF2VMTKSNFBNLNKQRZHBU5KQMUNQ", "Satellite ID": "12L9ZFwhzVpuEKMUNUqkaTLGzwY9G24tbiigLiXpmZWKwmcNDDs", "Action": "PUT", "error": "out of space", "errorVerbose": "out of space\n\tst

For uploads it calculates the physical available space in your allocation, if it lower than a size of piece, you will receive this message.

In the latest versions we will report to the satellite with “out of space”, when the physical available space is less than 100MB. This should prevent to have such messages at all.