Logfile on seperate location


I’d like to redirect my SNO-logs to a separate location as explained here:

If I want to do it, I get this error and my SNO won’t start (keeps restarting).

Already found this, but how do I make it possible to redirect the logs on my separate location?

I’m on Ubuntu and want that separate location is on another hdd in my system.


What did you enter in the config.yaml file ?

log.output: __________

log.output: “/mnt/disk2/Storj-Log/node.log”

What is your docker run command ? You can remove your ETH address, dns, email.

docker run -d --restart unless-stopped -p 28967:28967
-p 14002:14002
-e TZ=“Europe/Berlin”
-e HOST_OS=“Unraid”
-e WALLET=“xxx”
-e EMAIL=“xxx”
-e ADDRESS=“xxx:28967”
–mount type=bind,source="/mnt/disk2/Storj-Key/identity/storagenode",destination=/app/identity
–mount type=bind,source="/mnt/disk2/Storj-Data",destination=/app/config --name storagenode

You have self answered your issue though but I am guessing you didn’t understand the post that you linked in your first post.


I’m not at all an expert with Linux.
I guess I have to bind that folder in my run command, but what should it look like?

" –mount type=bind,source="/mnt/disk2/Storj-Log",destination=/app/config "?
Is that “destination=/app/config” right?

Spot on!

Why not have the log entry be like this?

log.output: “/mnt/disk2/Storj-Data/node.log”

So is that command right?:

Thats what I did:

So I guess it should work, if I add that command?

Oh wait, now I’ve seen it.
“Data” - “Log”

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Unfortunatly it doesn’t work:

File and directory are of course present:

My bad I should have double checked.

Your config.yaml file should be as shown in the documentation. So your config.yaml file should be

log.output: “/app/config/node.log”

Thats what I understood.
But is there a possibility to use that destination?

Thank you.

If you mount that path in the docker run command then it should work as suggested in first post :slight_smile:

Did anyone suggest you to have these in the command ?

I also thought that this should work.
But why doen’t works the “Storj-Data” folder?
That one is already mounted.

Sorry, but I don’t understand :weary:

That’s where this comes from:

Do you see entries in your node.log file now ?

No, file is empty.
(Both in Log and Data folder)

Could you show me what does config.yaml file looks like for log.output: ?