Looking for 2.5" drives at a good price (don't mind shucking) (EU)

Anyboy seeing any deals in Europe around now (I’m in spain).

Look for around 20 drives.

Why 2.5"? Is it for STORJ? SMR drives ok?


@kevink is right to ask as 2.5" CMR drives almost don’t exist anymore.

And from my experience, if 3.5" SMR drives can already cause issues for Storj, 2.5" SMR drives are a disaster…


Yeah that and 2.5" drive costs more then there 3.5" counterparts even though they both are SMR drives. Less you are looking for the expensive SAS drives that are 15k rpm…Which are even more expensive.

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Sorry, I should’ve been more clear.

Of course, I do not desire SMR drives.

I have a pile of unused servers with 12+ 2.5" slots each and my office includes electricity in my rent.

I understand 2.5" drives are not ideal.

The question was, can I get a couple of dozen of them at a good price (used), setup some raidz2 arrays and make use out of this otherwise set-for-landfill equipment.

It maybe not worthwhile, thus the reason I posed the question hah.

Hi Joesmoe,

let me know if your Hardware is Dell branded, i have some 1TB 7.2k SAS Disks lying around…
Used them as a 20TB Raid 6 in my PowerEdge 710R (24Disks) before but the electricity consumption was horrible for this setup…


For cheap drives I’ve found ebay quite good. As long as you’re willing to test everything which arrives there’s no cheaper way to fill an array. On a quick search (on ebay UK) I found this:

The same company had previously completed listings with closing prices from £113 to £190.


Yes these guys have good HDD but make them in raid they are used and have a spare on hand so count around 20% extra HDD. And as a suggestion is to have a hot spare just in case you cannot get to the server when it fails. BTW they have great packing

BTW I run their 2tb HP HDD in my HP DL380 G8 and I run it as a storage node and at the same time home lab and others.

Thanks so much for the offer, you rock. However these are IBM servers :frowning:

I’m not even sure with free power and such if it’s worth running a bunch of 1.8 or 2TB drives. I feel its just going to be more trouble than its worth :frowning:

Thanks for all the input though.

I have a couple dozen 75GB 15K SAS drives for these machines, any ideas on another project where faster storage versus large quantities could be desireable?