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  1. Under dark mode this is how the documentation page looks where Storj is almost unreadable.

  1. Under Expired Credit Card | Storj Docs

Data stored on an account with no valid payment method is subject to the data retention policy described below.\

  • There is extra \ at the end of the sentence
  • There is nothing below.

  1. It would be really awesome if documentation helps colorblind people too. This is from Google search


Because Storj has Blue color it might be possible that colorblind people see only the text DCS

  1. A way to get notifications when changes are made to the documentation. There have been a few instances where the docker run command was updated but it wasn’t conveyed to SNOs right away. IIRC it was moving from -v to --mount

I’m probably missing something, but where did you find this dark mode option?

This is not how color blindness works. Color blind people have problems making distinctions between colors, most common is red/green color blindness. But the text doesn’t just disappear for them. Even the worst cases of color blindness don’t impact perceiving difference in luminance. So blue text may not look like the same blue you are seeing, but it’ll definitely still stand out from the background. (though on dark mode, no more than it would for you and me, but also no less)

So the things to pay attention to is that you don’t use color to convey important information. Like listing bad things in red and good things in green. As that difference may not be perceivable by everyone. I don’t really see any such issue in the docs, but perhaps I’m overlooking something. Could you point out a specific issue?

This I would really love. Just an option to subscribe to page changes.


My chrome has dark theme. There is no option like the dashboard to turn dark mode on and off on any Storj website … yet.

I am not an expert in how colorblind people perceive the colors. I just came across colorblind requirements during work and thought of mentioning it here as feedback. I am sure if there are any colorblind users of Storj they will approach support with appropriate requests.

Yes. I remember how a SNO, who I was helping solve his docker run command, told me he is using --mount and couldn’t start his node. I was curious why he was using --mount then got directed to documentation. I had referred documentation the previous day and it still had -v which surprised me as there was no notification about the change.

Ah ok, yeah it looks like the docs site follows browser/os settings for dark mode. I was trying to determine whether this was something that the docs site actually supports or a browser plugin that attempts to turn every site into dark mode. If it were the latter you can’t really expect them to take that into account, but since it is the site itself adjusting to the browser/OS setting, they should probably do something about the logo. :+1:

While this isn’t available, there are actually browser extensions that alert you when a page changes. Not the most ideal solution, but could help you out in the mean time. Have a look at distill or visualping chrome extensions.

+1 for that. Would help with Change about Docker's --user switch

You actually can subscribe to the documentation changes

But I’m not sure - is it possible to subscribe to changes in the selected branch.

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FYI a warning about this change has been included in the docs for a long time now:

Perhaps it was not added immediately the first day after the change, apologies for non-instant doc updates. We aim to update the docs with important info as soon as possible.