Looking for users who are using storj

Hey guys, I am doing product research for my startup and for that, we are looking for people that are actually USING storj. We want to explore why people are using decentralized storage and what drives them intrisicly. The interview would take 50 minutes and you don’t have to answer any technical questions.

You can really help us accelerate the adoption of the web3 space and added to that we are willing to give you a 40$ amazon gift card as a little reimbursement for your time. If you are a user of Storj-Storage (not a node provider). Just send me a dm or reply to this thread.

Thanks in advance and greetings from germany!


Welcome to the forum @till_dcs !

What is your startup about ?

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Hey @nerdatwork very good question! We are a startup, that want to reinvent the cloud. Instead of doing storage, we are going to go more in the direction of decentralized computing instead of storage. But since storage is still a big part of the cloud we need users, that are already using the decentralized cloud, so we can learn from them on how they are perceiving it and why they are using it!


Oh nice. I am from Germany as well and working for Storj. I don’t think you should pick me for an interview but I am happy to answer any technical question you might have.


I’ll answer some questions.

I’m building a non-profit VOD service for film societies to use, so that they are competitive with streaming giants and users get access to films which usually don’t get released on popular streaming platforms.

I’m currently testing out Storj, if all goes well, we might continue with it.


I’d be happy to chat with you @till_dcs. I’m a solutions architect at Storj and am on the front end of a lot of what is being accomplished with/built on StorjDCS. Curious to hear about your project as well.

Decentralized storage allows superior resiliency (we offer eleven 9s). It’s much faster due to parallelism (we have seen 24Gb/s from a single archive and 7Gb/s to a single endpoint). Short extremely latency-sensitive use cases decentralization just makes storage better.

We also focus on bridging web3 and 2. This is why we have invested so much time building our web2 edge/bridge. We can help people today get the vast majority of web3 benefits via things like LinkShare and our hosted s3 gateway. We of course always advise the native use of our services as it offers clients/partners the most advantages. When they are ready we are here to support their journey to web3.

Please reach out if you want to chat, no gift card required :).