Lost a 9 month old node to Hardware Failure. Undistributed Money payout?

I lost a 9 Month old node, sadly the HDD crashed and died. All data not readable anymore.

I know the held back amount is lost. But I have like 11$ undistributed. I started a new node already with the same ETH wallet. WIll the amount being added to the new node and will I get a payout of the old node?

Thanks for help - I guess back to the waiting game again until fully vetted and space is filled again :frowning:

yeah you certainly don’t want to kill them.

yes to my understanding undistributed means money you have earned but due to high eth fees haven’t been able to get paidout yet… so those should be added to your payout when it finally gets to that…
you might be able to go the zksync route if you don’t want to wait for whatever reason…

in short yes it will be added to your next payout

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When you use the same wallet address then yes