Lost+found folder full of files from /blobs/

So one of my drives started to die. I’ve run e2fsck many times it corrected some errors, but blobs folder (where most of the data is stored) now 1/7 of it’s size. Rest 6/7 of files i see in lost+found folder.
Is there any way to reuse files, that are in lost+found folder?

2ns question is it worth to try and run this node with only 1/7 of data? Its more then year old, and i would like to rescue it.

yes, but not worth it.

RIP, its gone. new disk and singed identity.

Im sorry.

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You may try to recover pieces using this approach:

However, it’s not a guarantee.


Thank you. Nice try. But did not worked out.
So data on this node is lost.
Is there any way to run this node again, starting from 0 data, but using same node ID/identity/reputation/history? Or i just start from blank everything?

new identity required.

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you reuse the port, email, payout adress, dyndns.

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@daki82 Your list is not full.
You forgot to mention, that i can reuse same computer, same room, same building, same internet connection, same IP and same knowledge :smiley: