Lost Identity Files

Had to reinstall OS and forgot to back up the Identity files. Can I just go through the process of setting up a node again?

Hi no1uno,

Unfortunately the token you signed your identity with was one time use. You will have to request a new one via the wait list to set up a new node. Last I heard the wait for a token wasn’t too long, probably a week or so, maybe less.

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Keep in mind that a new identity means a new node. Your data is useless without the corresponding identity. You’ll be starting over clean.


…:|… ok . no other solution ? i think i lost those files too…

No, the identity files are how the node identifies itself to any other node on the network. If you don’t have them anymore, the node is lost. There is no solution to that. If you could restore your node without your identity files then any other person could also impersonate your node.

Think of it as the passport for your node. If the passport would not be required, identity theft is childs play.

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yes, i see…and sure thats the way to go, but … i just activate it (and associated my email) so no great loss but …!!!
… i have been unable to run the node yet … linux …errrrrrrr…
… i lost the key… :cry: … its linux fault :crazy_face:

You should have backed up as it requested you.

…also true! … the thing is … i did not delete anything … i think! …i think i just can’t find them … i still have the … this … :slight_smile: 2019-08-08%2023_27_11-Photos|644x341

One time authorization token? It can be used only once. It doesn’t tied with your identity.
To receive a new one you should subscribe to the waitlist again with a different email address

what ? new email ? why ? … it doesn’t ties to my identity but it ties to my email ? can’t the email e removed ?

Yes, it’s tied to your email address. Your email address even part of it.
You can try to use the same email address, but you will likely receive a deemed token, the same which you already have.

and …what do you think ? is that “normal” ? like … if the key is stolen … can the key be used?

where are those accesses validated ? can they be “order” to stop validating ?

The signed Identity is consist of 6 files. If you gives them to somebody, they can run a copy of your node, but this node will be disqualified very fast for too many failed audits for pieces placed on other copy of the node.
Theoretical if they got your identity somehow, they can use an own wallet address to try to receive your payment instead of you, but since it will be disqualified, no payment would be sent.
So, don’t share your identity with anyone.

The one time authorization token can be used once to sign a new unsigned identity, after that it useless.
Don’t share your authorization token with anyone before it used.

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