Lost my node over the weekend and have an outstanding ballance of $30

Hi Team,

I lost my Storj node over the weekend and the ballance of the whallet is a little over $30. Is there anyway of getting this paid out?

I should still be able to get into the node however, 1/4th the database is gone due to a disk failer on a unraid server and the disk restore (humon error) failed and lost the data on that disk… so the node has been ofline for some 3 days and will fail the audits… live and learn…


Hi @nommiiss,
If $30 payment is due to be disbursed then let the node be disqualified and the payout will be completed at the next run (assuming you don’t use the same wallet for any other nodes). You will have lost the held back amount.

If this is outstanding balance to be paid, then it will be paid in the next payment run. If you are talking about held amount however, it is gone (and will be used to pay for the repair traffic)

THanks twl… no I know the “held ammount” is gone… this is an outstanding ballance on the node its self as the amount rolled over a few times…

To be clear, unless you allow the node to be disqualified before the end of the month (April) then payout in the next run is unlikely as the satellites will wait the 30 day period before disqualifying the node for being offline.

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Thanks! It went down this weekend… so I owuld suspect it would be next pay run.

This is correct.
If the $30 owed was accrued during previous pay periods when you were not DQd, when the next payout occurs we will see that you are now DQd and give the final payout.