Lots of "Generated x keys; best difficulty so far: y" in the log


new to Storj node hosting.

After starting the node, see a high frequency of log lines with the following pattern:
“Generated 192457900 keys; best difficulty so far: 34”

CPU usage also is rather constantly higher: at around 60% for an Intel i5 10gen, 8 cores.

Is this normal ?
Is this temporary so that it will stop at some point ? or is it expected to be an ongoing thing ?

thx and cheers

Welcome to the forum!

It’s generating it’s identity keys. It will take a while, unless you are lucky. Once done, it will settle down with much lower ressource usage.

Just sit back and enjoy the ride :slightly_smiling_face:

Just to add, you shouldn’t or can’t start the node without creating and signing the identity first. Just follow the docs to the letter and don’t skip any step



Got it. Thx for the quick response folks :slight_smile:

Did I miss something or does the node software create identity files on its own now?

If so, how did OP enter his authorization token?

I can confirm that the log line stoped after a while and the node started serving traffic.

For context: Im using storj via DAppNode. https://github.com/dappnode/DAppNodePackage-storj is the corresponding package.

This kind of context would’ve have served well as a conversation starter…e.g. in the first post :wink:

And yeah, it seems that the package handles creating the identity keys for you, then. Did you have to enter the authorization token you received at some point during setup?

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That’s pointing to a really outdated version, why are you using this one instead of the one managed by Storjlabs? Looks like you’ll be updating manually as well.

I highly recommend using the official documentation instead.


fair point @twl :slight_smile:
Right, when installing storj over the DAppNode UI one needs to provide the auth token.

Thx for the hint. Im using storj via DAppNode because it is very convenient to do so. Basically, just a one click installation via providing a few config fields.

Will create a ticket at DAppNode in regards to the outdated version. I can imagine that the DAppNode community would be happy for contributions in case you (or someone else) is interested :slight_smile:

Created https://discourse.dappnode.io/t/feature-request-upgrading-storj-version/118 to track that work on the DAppNode side.


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Your effort is much appreciated :wave:

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