Low Account Balance Alert (email me if storj too low)

Please add a feature to Tardigrade that allows a user to set some low-water-mark dollar value in their settings such that, if their account balance drops below this threshold, they will recieve an email.

The main reason I’m looking to switch to tardigrade is for data durability. Currently I use Backblaze B2. While B2 is super durable on-disk, it’s extremely volatile due to their payment system. Unlike tardigrade, I cannot maintain an “account balance” on Backblaze. And Backblaze only accepts payments using fiat.

It’s happened to me multiple times that my credit card got blocked due to a false-positive “fraudulent transaction” alert, and my payment for backblaze didn’t go through until I resolved the issue with the bank. If this happens, Backblaze gives you 21 days before they delete all of your data.

I hardly ever use my credit card, and I’m absolutely terrified that I may not notice if this happens in the future, and Backblaze will delete the entire history of my precious backups over a $10 bounced payment due to a bank’s mistake.

I’d like to switch to Tardigrade because I can just top-up my account with STORJ tokens that I calculate are sufficient to last me 2 years. But I’d really like it if Tardigrade could send me an email alert (ideally, one that sends me the alert over-and-over every week) when that balance drops in half. That way, I’d have 1 year to top-up my balance (as opposed to 21 days at Backblaze).

Please implement this account balance email alert solution so that I can feel more confident with my backups on Tardigrade.