Low Bandwith Usage & Spikes in Storage

Hello everyone,

i saw a lot of post about this here. But i do want to get some information on this. So i run a Storage Node:

  • 1TB of Storage for the Node
    -1Gbit/s Up and Down
    -No Bandwith Cap

On the Calculator is says that I could make $177 from which $133 are held back, so i would end up with $44/month in the first months.
I dont see anything of this. I now run my node for about a week, and this is what i got so far:

From what i read here that can be a normal behavoir. But then I dont understand why the Calculator says otherwise and gives you the estimate of $44.
This makes no sense to me. I dont really care because the server is up all day regardless if storj is running, and due to no Bandwithcap, I dont really care. I just thought that i would be a nice way to earn some bucks on the side.

So have I done anything wrong?
Is this a normal behavoir from a new Node on the Network?
Is there anything that I could do to increase the load on the node (as far as I have though about, I dont think so; if a client decides to put 500GB up (or assume I get 500GB on my Node) and then Downloades these 500GB multiply times a day, I would get more, but i cant controll that)

And if this is the normal behavoir maybe the calculator should put that out way more clear like:
(yes i know there is this information: “Keep in mind, this is only an estimate of possible earnings and not a guarantee of any kind.” But i dont think that everyone will understand how low this can get.)

The earning, especially in the beginning, can be way lower.

thanks for reading this, maybe you got a good answer to my questions.
Have a nice day!

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Yes this is normal for new node. You get 5% of traffic in your vetting phase. This vetting phase requires your node to pass 100 audits on each satellite to be vetted on that satellite. This could take up to a month.

You can join tardigrade or refer clients to it so they can use it to take backup or upload their data.

Yes, you have no control on how customer will behave in upload/download/delete of their data.

What would you like to see added to the text that explains this is an estimate ?

Maybe something right next to the net reveneu. I think often people will get right to the calculator and not read the text on the top (and yes i am one of these people).

And thanks for the other responses!

There is a difference between calculator and estimator.
We do not have a calculator for obvious reason - usage from people, and they can’t be predicted, so there is an estimations.

The estimator currently gives a wrong estimation especially for the early months. It doesn’t take vetting into account and assumes too much ingress in early months. I created a bit more realistic estimator, but please be aware that it is still an estimation.

Edit: Someone requested Edit rights to this sheet. Please be aware I won’t be granting those requests as I don’t feel like dealing with edits from others. If you want to play with the numbers, simply save it to your own google account and edit from there.

It’s read only. For now I filled in your values, if you want to alter the inputs, please save this to your own Google account and change it there. I use this calculator from time to time, so when you look at it the values I entered may have changed.

Either way, it’s unrealistic to expect you will make a lot of money with only 1TB shared. Right now about 10% is downloaded every month, so on a full node that’s $2 for egress and $1.50 for storage. That percentage may change of course, but it’s not going to get you anywhere near the estimation you got.

In my opinion, the official Storj Node Estimator currently exaggerates the amount of estimated Egress (TB).

Since the Egress data is paid the most, and it’s the major source of SNO’s earnings projections, it can easily lead to calculations which don’t reflect the current state of the Storj network.

At the moment, a somewhat reliable estimate is that ~10% of your stored data would be downloaded, meaning that storing 10TB of data ($15) for the whole month, would approximately lead to 1TB of Egress ($20)

Even if the network connection on your node has a much faster uplink, by purposely limiting the Upload Speed to 10Mbps on the official Storj Node Estimator, we can simulate the current utilisation on the Storj network and get much more accurate estimates, as shown on the image below.

Keep in mind that since Storj has just recently had the long anticipated Production Launch, the network utilisation will grow overtime as more clients get onboarded.