Low data receive


All my node, 5 in 5 different location with different ip, disk size and age old are received some time many GB of data and some other (last 48h for example) very few (600MB in 2 days).
This happen since 15 days I think. It is the same for a fresh node I have just create.

Does anybody see the same things and does a storj member can explain this to us.

I tell again, I verify log, etc. I don’t have any error or disqulification, etc. All my node are fully operational.

Thanks all !

Everyone is seeing the same thing. There is nothing to explain. Traffic on your node is dependent on demand on the network, which fluctuates. This is completely normal.


Sure, I have node since more than 1 year and it is the first time I see this.

Not sure how to respond to that other than saying you must not have paid very close attention then. Dips in traffic are common. Just search the forum for people mentioning it. Pretty much every time a topic pops up about it, so they are pretty well documented too.


I mean I see this in this proportion.
But ok, you tell me it happens often so ok.
I think it is link with the end of fake data and the first real production data.

I have to say the same as @BrightSilence.
Almost instantly as there is some drop in traffic questions are asked.

As stated, high or low and everything in between trafficwise is normal.

It all depends on the demand from costumers and testdata.
I Guess that in the future when more companies use Storj and no testdata is being deployed,. weekends will be a low traffic period.

But as always said in traffic use for us SNO,s its all normal.


So in one year you never seen the traffic drop you seen 100% traffic for 1 year straight? When did you actually start monitoring your node because I had seen it drop up and down many times in 1 year.

Ok, I need to be more clear.
In more than 15 months, I never seen my differents nodes with so few traffic during a period as long as now.
The traffic now is near 0 (300MB) when I have between around 5gb to 30gb. Yes someday there is low traffic but is not for many days. This last 15 days must be the lowest traffic I have since I start and same for another friend.

That is why I ask if everybody see the same thing of if I am alone. So I can understand if the problem is global or local.

And I say it again, no problem in log or on my network.

Thanks for people who answer with a yes or a no.

another consideration could be that storj has just gone into production, so they may also be interested in seeing how the network behaves without test data, or want to do reconfigurations depending on what trends they have observed since going live…

it will only get better from here for the next long while… here being a bit of a relative term… but real data will continue to slowly accumulate, i would expect to see the a really big uptake around 6 months after tardigrade went into its production phase.

also a great time to problem solve, migrate data to different disks, when the network is being under utilized…

tho i don’t suspect there is much of that left at the 15 month mark… :smiley: just me being new in v3

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Which is it?

Generally though, if your dashboard shows online and you see no errors in the logs and at least some successful transfers. There is nothing wrong with your node. Mine are quiet now as well.

my last 14 days…in MiB/s 6 days ago i would kinda have assume this being temporary …
but ill give it another week or two before ill start yelling and ranting about it… i’m sure they are busy doing stuff… but does look kinda dead when one looks at it.

so i do kinda see what was being said with this post… and ofc this is just the time since i last reinstalled…


They’re working on database upgrades and fixing the issues saltlake ran into after pushing a LOT of data on the network. Accounting started running behind way too much. I can imagine why they would stop heavy tests until these things are resolved.

The upside is that I’m actually seeing quite a bit of traffic from the customer nodes. It’s nothing like the large test traffic, but I’m pretty sure that part is gradually increasing. And that’s what it’s eventually all about anyway.


my upload to download ratio is kinda great atm… 50% to 100% egress to ingress… hell egress have even passed ingress at some brief moments… which would never happen with the test data… atleast on my now barely 3 month old node.

and i don’t have to worry about buying new hdd’s atleast for a few months still xD
so thats kinda great.

on the dangerous note low traffic does tend to make me tinker a lot more with my settings…