Low node fee - only 4$ for 5.4Tb

Hello Sirs,
I have 5.4Tb node which is full:

But income is too low, only 4$/month:

What can be the reason?


The estimate is expected to rise as the days go by

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The 5.4TB seem to be wrong. The left graph shows 3TB used at the moment, which matches the 2.67TBm for February.

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I also want to see heldback 0$ quickly… :slight_smile:

You are paid by “Average Disk Space Used”, so it’s ~3TB, not 5.4TB.

It is not clear why the data on the dashboard never corresponds. He has more than 4.86Tb and is paid for 3, like many others. For the month of March I have always had more than 9Tb but I don’t reach $13.5. There is always something wrong, and there are many open threads with this problem


There is something wrong


I should see at least $15

One of the problems is that the filewalkers turned out to be unreliable to stat.
It can happen that they never finish, they get interrupted, they get killed and therefore never update the stats or even delete the files that should be deleted.
It also happens that the bloom filters that tell the node which files to delete, vanish because they live in memory only and a restart will wipe them out.
Recently it was also discovered that the bloom filters are too small for big nodes therefore files that should not be there anymore did not get deleted.

All this is a great big mess. Some of it should get fixed with upcoming updates.
The bloom filter will get stored on disk. Deletions will happen during filewalker runs and not at the end. Bloom filter size has been increased. And I think we even get the filewalkers to be able to resume where they left if they get interrupted.

So until these bugs and misdesigns are sorted out it is even harder to track if something additionally is going wrong with accounting of space and in the result with paying nodes.


And what’s more, your node has no input and doesn’t understand why :thinking:

So does the SNO. The satellite stats are well hidden and you would have to compute the figures manually to get the whole picture. An upcoming version might help with that as it might better show what information the satellite has.

But until then: Not so well designed to verify the figures.

Wow. @jammerdan Your post really summarizes recent dramas! :clap: :clap: :clap:
but im glad they took massive effort to fix that ASAP at least. Kudos for that at least!

  1. Is it possible to find new clear payment contitions without all this update to update to update?
  2. How can I clearly see how my node paid? Just in simple excell table by months?
  3. What shall I do to fix this unfair payout on my node?