Low/Non Existent Egress Data

My node is still very new (online 7/29) but my egress numbers are abysmal. I have 2 TB space avail (on external HDD) and a blazing internet connection, with hundreds of GB of bandwidth usage already. I have 100% on all online, audit, and suspension times on all satellites, but ingress data has been only 10-20 mbs. Is this just part of the vetting process? Is there any way to ensure my node is fully operational?


This is a common question by new SNOs.

yes, as long as your suspension, audit, and online scores stay high then there’s nothing to worry about. Ingress is slow to start due to the vetting progress. Overall ingress rates are not super high at the moment either, which would further lower yours. During the vetting period, vetting nodes are only eligible for 5% of total network ingress traffic.

Per this handy network grafana page that a fellow SNO put together and posted here: Storjstats.info, the community frontend for stats.storjshare.io

you can see there are ~3,400 unvetted nodes in the network (although this is a little misleading as a node completes vetting on a satellite by satellite basis, and so you’ll complete vetting at different times for different satellites. If you scroll down that grafana page you can find vetting status for each satellite.) and ~12,100 active nodes (so a calculated ~8,700 fully vetted nodes). So those 8700 vetted nodes will share 95% of the ingress (roughly 1.1% per node), where as the 3400 unvetted nodes will share the 5% of ingress (roughly 0.14% per node).

Here’s another post that you should find helpful. Another very active and kind SNO put together an earnings estimator that you can input a few variables for your setup and it should be pretty close to what you should expect from a payout perspective.

Edit: I realize now all I talked about was ingress and not egress like you also posted about. But ultimately, egress is a function (more or less) of how much data you store and age of data. More data stored equals more data that can be requested for egress. Also, older data would more or less equate to higher repair egress… But mainly, that earnings estimator should give you a good idea of what to expect from an egress rate, which will increase as your stored data increases.