Low space problem?

Hello all, this month I moved my node from docker to windows gui. On container node was 50% full for over 3-4 months never passed the 50% space. After I switch to windows in 2 weeks I got a lot o data to store and now is almost full. Should I be worried ? Will it get past the space allocated? Now the allocated space is 5.4 TB with almost 800 GB reserved.

This is mere coincidence. Your move from docker to GUI has nothing to do with it. There are current tests that shows lot of in/e(gress) data.

You should be worried ONLY if you over allocate space and ignored keeping 10% for overhead. Make sure you actually have 5.4TB space on your HDD.

You won’t receive any upload when your node is full.

Yup the increase in the past month is normal, I added an extra 1Tb to my node at the start of March by the start of April that 1tb was full!

Think their is a lot of moving data between the old and new “test” satellites, that might be the cause in the jump in data usage. Once the old satellite is finally turned off, that data should be removed from nodes so you might get some space back (I’m not 100% sure though.)

I just added 1 GB of space to my full node and in 7 minutes it was full again. At that rate, a 1 TB drive can fill in about 5 days. I’m guessing many of the smaller nodes are already full. The log showed mostly traffic from the new testing satellite. I hope the storj team leaves some space available on the network for customer data.

I’m having the same thing happen. I have a 10TB HDD connected and 8TB allocated, online since Aug 2019. At beginning of April I had 5.86TB available and I’m down to 3.3TB available, which is about 136-137GB additional space used per day. At this rate, my HDD will be full in less than a month.

Luckily, I have a new RPi4 arriving today and a 12TB HDD in queue to spin up a new node when this first one is full.

I’m pretty sure that STORJ will delete test data if the network reaches it’s limit of available space. Otherwise they will not get money from potential customers.

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Hopefully their dashboard doesn’t work like ours which shows storage space available when it’s actually full.