Low Uploads to my node

Hi everyone,

Are you also not getting much ingress anymore?

========== AUDIT =============
Successful: 2320
Recoverable failed: 0
Unrecoverable failed: 0
Success Rate Min: 100.000%
Success Rate Max: 100.000%
========== DOWNLOAD ==========
Successful: 122846
Failed: 166
Success Rate: 99.865%
========== UPLOAD ============
Successful: 236
Rejected: 0
Failed: 0
Acceptance Rate: 100.000%
Success Rate: 100.000%
========== REPAIR DOWNLOAD ===
Successful: 18934
Failed: 3
Success Rate: 99.984%
========== REPAIR UPLOAD =====
Successful: 17
Failed: 0
Success Rate: 100.000%

Node is certainly not full, 124GB into the trash folder and 55Gigs of free space on the dashboard (600GB’s df -h)



You can’t expect there to always be data flowing its unpredictable.

i know that, i know we are now in production and we cannot expect data continuously flowing into our nodes.

It is just weird that all of a sudden it happened since the beginning of this month.
I was just wondering if i was the only one or that the network is just a little bit less busy.

Well if you know, then you should assume that since its a new month data amount reset and people will use there data in the beginning of the month. Also you can’t predict when people are going to use it or when there gonna not use it. If your data amount slow down it shouldn’t be the first thing you panic and think something is wrong with your node. Also remember they are still running testing.

I’ve noticed the opposite trend, node has gotten between 100 and 125GB ingress each day so far, which is a big uptick. Caveat, ~80% is from the new test satellite (saltlake).

Annotation 2020-04-06 094927_1
Annotation 2020-04-06 094927_2

This is simple of why your node is either beating people to the downloads/uploads and peoples nodes are starting to fill up so your getting the rest of the data.

I have 2 nodes running on a single computer

Sure, makes sense. My node has ~5.41 TB disk space remaining…

Mines using 4.3TB between 2 hard drives. pretty much full now, I have 8TB but im giving my nodes a break.

If you don’t get any upload requests that might mean you are in suspension mode.

is there any way to see if this is happening, i do have a lot of downloads though.
audits are also a common message.

Pretty sure this means your node is actually full. The dashboard seems to not take into account what’s in the trash folder, but the calculation of whether the node is full does. After garbage collection cleans up the trash folder you’ll see some more uploads, but that 55GB will probably fill up quickly.

yesterday evening was the first time in a couple of days i got some ingress.

Like 300MB’s worth of it.

The Dashboard is showing 133.63GB free now.
Someone is cleaning up.

so, yay… i think it works like everybody already told me.

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