Low uptime audits percentage on Asia satellite

Hi, I see something wired. I have low uptime percentage with one satellite. With others satellite is everything ok.


Is everything ok? My node is disqualified?

Your node is not currently disqualified on any satellite. Low uptime is not currently being taken into account for disqualifying nodes (we are working on a better way to evaluate node uptime). You can verify your audit score on each satellite using these scripts: Script for Audits stat by satellites - your node only would get disqualified from a satellite if the audit score falls below 0.6. But any score below 1.0 indicates that you already lost some pieces and you should look into why that was and make sure to address the problem asap.

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Ok, thank you so much for answer. I’ll check logs carefully and try to investigate why node drop some data.

Just to clarify, I am not trying to imply that your node dropped any data. That would only be the case if your audit score was less than 1.0 - uptime is a separately calculated score, which currently does not lead to disqualification. If you run the audit script, you can verify if your audit score is less than 1.0 on any satellite.

Understand. So I need to check quality of connection on my host.

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