Lower online percentage from some servers

I’m in Asia. Not sure if that is the reason that I have lower online % for some servers?
Usually I have 200ms ping for US and 200-300ms for Europe, at least according to calling GPU mining servers.
Could you give some advice on this. I run node 24hrs non-stop on fiber connection, which seems to be stable and minimal offline time.

The lower % just starts to happen this 2 weeks. Early on I get 100% for weeks.
Set up: Win10 + usb3 to 8GB external HD, 200Mbps both upload & download

The online score is falling when the satellite could not reach your node for audit, it’s not related to ping, as you can see.
Do you have a dynamic IP?

internet is global, Some ISPs still discard traffic that’s not close. Some international ISPs block traffic from Asia, or specific ISPs or countries in large blocks. If your node happens to be on the same ISP that someone uses for DoD or spam, you might be blocked even if you didn’t do anything yourselves.

Dynamic IP with DDNS all set up

check that the ddns doesn’t have high latency… you shouldn’t use a local ddns but a ddns that storj labs recommends, so that there isn’t a lot of extra dns servers between your ddns and the dns that storj labs satellites look up dns names to ip addresses.

it takes time for changes in the dns tables to propagate over the internet and this latency could cause you to seem offline even if you aren’t, just because your ip changes…

@SGC There is no such a requirement.

@alphatio just make sure, that it’s updated as soon as your external IP has changed. To achieve that it is better to configure a router to update your DDNS hostname instead of application on the PC.

i would certainly call this a recommendation for using NoIP.

also it would be a matter of fact there would be a delay in the dns tables across the internet depending on where the change was injected, if it was injected directly into NoIP’s table and thats where storj translate the dns names, then there would be zero latency.

i’m unaware of exactly how high the latency would be on the global dns update, but from what a previous post about a similar issue discovered his latency being 5-10minutes before the dns ip was updated.

so i don’t understand what you mean, it’s from my understanding a pretty important point i’m trying to make.

which can give people up to 10 minutes of latency before their ip matches their dns name as seen from storj labs satellites perspective.

i will however concede that the pc application vs the router updating the dns table could also cause such latencies… which i totally didn’t think about until now…

Storj do not use NoIp and not advertise it. It just a popular option and example how to configure stuff.
I can repeat, there is no requirements and dependencies on NoIP, period.

Most ddns providers use a ttl of 60 seconds on their records. So it doesn’t matter if you ddns provider is in the USA, the southpole or china…