Lowering storagenodes amount


probably in future I will need to lower amount of active nodes by 1/2, but I’m not sure which scenario will be better:

  1. keep running node(s) which are older but with lower Uptime & Audit Checks values
  2. keep running node(s) which are bit younger but have higher Uptime & Audit Checks values


How many nodes do you have now ?

Keep the nodes with the most data. Reputation recovers relatively quickly and lifetime numbers shouldn’t effect it. But your message seems to suggest you were running several nodes, this is almost always a bad idea unless you have different locations or multiple HDD’s that you want to share using separate nodes. There is no upside to running multiple nodes on one /24 IP range. You will get the same amount of data as a single node would, but there would be more processing overhead and each individual node would perform slightly worse than a single node would. So only use multiple nodes if you either have multiple locations or multiple HDDs to share.


3 in different locations & different DC & /24

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I just reread your question and noticed I may have made a wrong assumption. When you say lower uptime, do you mean only historical or do you expect them to have bad uptime in the future as well?

If the latter is the case you should stick with those nodes that are the most reliably online, they will always perform better in the end.

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Only past uptime (historical) & also thank you for input.

Good, then my initial post still stands. You might want to wait a little bit since I heard graceful exit is being worked on right now. Don’t abandon your nodes just yet to find out you could have gracefully exited and recovered payouts in escrow as well as prevent pieces from getting lost.


Thanks for wise advice, will keep all above in mind for the future :slight_smile: