M.2 To Sata Adapter


I wrote with my provider and I have only space for one more HDD. But the board has 2 M.2 slots. Can i use this adapter for the disks? Does anyone have experience with it and is it reliable and compatible with Linux (especially Proxmox)

Namvo M2 NGFF NVME M-Key PCI Express zu SATA 3.0 6 Gbps 6-Port Adapter Konverter Festplatten-Erweiterungskarte https://amzn.eu/d/0eTrlZdd

Or are there any better options to add more hdds? It has to be done easy and in one go, because I have to book a remote job for this task

Thank you!

Should work just fine, just make sure they don’t jam the sata cables too strongly, otherwise that little pcb will crack.

ASM1166 is just a controller chip (meaning full bandwidth to each of the 6 ports), which is what you want. Plug and play on Debian Linux 12 (I’m using one on a PCIe card) so its supported on Proxmox as well (proxmox=debian).

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Thank you for your quick reply. Will order these then and send them to the datacenter. Hopefully they do a good job there.