Made a STORJ Discord

Hey everybody I figured a discord might help people get some good conversations going with the community.

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While I assume you are well intentioned, I will need to ask you to

  1. clearly mark this discord server as UNOFFICIAL Storj Community Server.
  2. remove the official Storj Logo

This discord has not been endorsed by Storj Labs but it looks like it is in its present form. Storj Labs staff will not be monitoring or moderating this discord, and we do not want to have people claim that they read something in the ¨Storj Discord¨ assuming that this is an official Storj Labs Social Media channel. Thank you for your understanding.

I also noticed you just joined the forum and this is your first post, so I must ask you, what prompts you to create a discord for our Community, while you have not even participated in the conversation right here on our forum yet?


There is also already an unofficial discord server for Storj, which follows the mentioned guidelines.


Hey there thank you for reaching out and making me aware of those issues, i will take care of that.
I have been using hosting a node for a few months now. Found StorJ through reddit initially and noticed people only posting once a while, thought about taking an active step in the community since i didnt see a discord here either.

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Node operators part of the forum is very active


We have tried chat platforms in the past - the worst solutions for support multiple real products, not crypto pumping/dumping themes.
Lack of ability to find anything useful, inability to provide a direct link to the specific post or just quote part of it, hell of a mess with the channels and so on. I know many of them have threads, but it’s not the same as topics. Chats stays as a text stream platforms, so any question will not be searched, but asked right away, even if it was answered multiple times in the threads above. Consumes too much time especially for complicated products like Storj.

This current forum platform can work as a chat too - you may also see as someone typing while you in the topic, and posts appears right away without refresh, but unlike chats it has a great search functionality and suggestions while you typing with providing answers on what you are trying to ask, it is moderated by the Community (anyone member with reputation can mark post as inappropriate or spam to review by moderators, if several members marks so, it will be hided right away, Regular members can hide such posts right away even without a moderator). You can quote posts, give a direct links and so on.

And I even did not mention that the reputation system on the forum works pretty well to stop spammers and bots from flooding forum with useless messages and unrelated advertisements.
It prevent newcomers from posting multiple posts before they will read at least several posts on the forum, this platform is trying to guide them to use a search first before asking the same questions. It also slow down them from posting multiple responses and teach them to describe a problem at whole not piece by piece in hundreds responses unlike chats.